Thursday, March 12, 2015


This novel will be written to the fans of four Youtube stars who play horror games and other games. This novel will include the story of Timothy Harrold, a young boy is Massachusetts, and a smart house that is turned into a haunted house attraction. This will lead to many disappearances. Will the protagonists be able to solve the mystery and save Timothy? It isn't over until the house decides.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dreams the Heart Remembers

Refindthetime Creations ©
Cover Ideas 1-5

Original Title and Cover 2008

New Title and Cover 2015

This is Emily Jones. I'm not a very good drawer so be warned. 

Affiliation: Important Character

  • Emily is the Granddaughter of Mr. Carl Jenkins and Mrs. Annie Penrod Jenkins (mother’s parents).
  • She finds pleasure in simple things and loves to be flattered.
  • She is no more than a year older than Jacob.
  • Ever since her mother passed away she has been afraid of falling in love.
  • Emily then meets Jacob. She wants to love him, but feels that she is undeserving. And she feels that he could never like her anyway.
  • Although she is morally strong, her mind tends to over power her and she goes into denial.
  • She is clumsy, but has her good moments, and she loves her grandparents.
  • She has blonde hair that is worn naturally and hazel-blue eyes.
  • She makes Jacob “fall over himself” because she is so beautiful and kind.
  • Emily has many emotions and dramatic points, illustrating confusion and how some people feel they aren't worth something, when in reality they are worth everything.

Never Ending

A  book about the perception of reality.

Never Ending © (Front)

The Prophecy of Auden Bear (Book 1 and 2)

Book 1-  Written in the Sky: The Prophecy of Auden Bear

Book 2-  Hidden in the Water: The Power of Arlen Bear
(Auden's brother)

Here's a rough map for Westerfall, their home.

The Legend of ATMOS

Book 1-  The Legend of ATMOS: The Somerthian Scouts

Book 2-  The Legend of ATMOS: War Between Worlds

Book 3-  The Legend of ATMOS: The Miner and the Archaeologist

Voyage of the Saint-Alexis: Discovering Bourbon

This is my first Historical Fiction work, about a place that is very dear to me: La Reunion.

Brimstone Hill

This is a horror/mystery book.